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My Musical Journey

Jacob Lambros was born on August 20, 1990 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has lived in Utah his entire life. In March of 2004, Jacob was having a sleepover at a friend's house who only lived two houses away from his parents' house. His friend's father ran a semi-professional recording studio and naturally had an electric guitar lying around, Jacob asked if he could play the guitar and he said yes. Jacob's friend grew irritated as Jacob no longer wanted to do typical sleepover activities and instead wanted to play guitar all night. This was the first time Jacob ever played guitar and he's been addicted to the instrument ever since....

Guitar Zoom.jpg

            It was only two months later that Jacob's Father, Grant, bought Jacob his very own electric guitar. Two weeks later Jacob started taking private lessons. The summer of 2004 consisted of almost nothing else but guitar playing for Jacob as he would practice the instrument from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. (sometimes longer) almost every day. He showed a very passionate interest in both songwriting and music theory as he would go on to write his very first song (minus lyrics) after only owning a guitar for 3 months.

            Jacob would later begin attending high school at Murray High School in Murray, Utah. The instrumental music teacher for Murray High at the time was Robert Wilson, who was also a guitarist. Mr. Wilson was a great source of inspiration for Jacob as he helped improve Jacob's sheet music reading skills, music theory knowledge, and guitar gear knowledge. Jacob was in many of Mr. Wilson's guitar classes including the Jazz Guitar Ensemble. It was during this time that Jacob first began making short-lived rock bands with his classmates and would start to consider pursuing music beyond high school due to Mr. Wilson's insight into the music world. Jacob would graduate from Murray High in 2009.

            After high school, Jacob started attending college at Salt Lake Community College, he completed his general education and also received an Associate's Degree in Music in 2011. He had a lot of fun performing in the Jazz band under the direction of Craig Ferrin. It was during this time that Jacob also began his teaching career, in November 2010 he gave his very first guitar lesson.

         Jacob would then continue his music education at the University of Utah where he studied Jazz Composition and received his Bachelor's Degree in 2015. The amount of musical knowledge that Jacob gained during his time here cannot be underestimated. Guitarists, Geoffrey Miller and Keven Johansen, became great mentors for Jacob because of their instruction they gave him in private lessons, Jazz Improvisation classes, and in performing groups. Miller and Johansen taught Jacob chord shapes and scales that he before could've never imagined. Jacob's skills as a composer also grew immensely while at the U of U, he composed many Jazz Guitar Ensemble and Big Band charts as well as a few other pieces that branched into classical and electronic music.

            Since graduating from the U of U Jacob has been very aggressive about pursuing different music projects. He has been gigging regularly with many different groups in varying musical styles. Jacob has also become one of the go to guitarists people call for when a guitarist is needed for a local musical theater production. He is currently building up his own guitar students schedule at Day Murray Music in Murray, Utah . He is proud of his accomplishments thus far and is looking forward to the future.

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