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Professional Guitar Lessons with Jacob Lambros

Jacob believes that every student should have a great understanding of the fundamentals of guitar and music. This fundamental knowledge can be gained through learning songs and styles that interests the student. Students should strive to learn songs to the best of their ability, this means learning songs in their entirety, getting the song memorized, and understanding the musical aspects of the song. At the same time, we should make sure that the student is having fun and enjoying themselves because that’s what music is truly about.​​ If you're curious about what his style of teaching is like I encourage you to check out the videos below.
Jacob teaches private guitar lessons at Day Murray Music (4914 S. State St. Murray, UT). He charges $25 for a half-hour lesson and $50 for an hour lesson. He prefers students to take a half-hour lesson once a week, typically four lessons a month, meaning a month of lessons will cost $100. He is open to students having a different schedule than this but would appreciate discussing this beforehand, some students with a long commute will sometimes prefer to take an hour lesson every other week. If a student wants more lesson time than this it will cost more than $100 (example: an hour lesson every week would typically cost $200 a month). Jacob prefers to be paid once a month for lessons on the first week we meet for lessons, if this is difficult to do though for whatever reason he is willing to discuss different options.
Don't live in Utah? No Problem! We can do lessons through video on either Skype or Zoom!
Students are welcome to bring either acoustic or electric guitars to lessons, I have an amp for electric students to plug into. Jacob has teaching material in his room but is not opposed to students bringing in material they are curious to learn. The room I teach in is studio 2, which is in the western part(the back) of DMM, not the main store. There is more parking available on this side of the store if you have any issues with finding a spot. (None of this is relevant for Skype and Zoom students)
A few rules I have:
1. I don't drive out to peoples' houses
2. If a student misses a lesson and doesn't inform me at least the day before the lesson take place I will not make up that time unless an emergency or extreme circumstance was the reason for missing the lesson, if I'm informed ahead of time we will work out a reschedule
3. If I don't receive any contact from a student for three weeks when you're supposed to be attending lessons I will remove you from my lessons schedule
4. If I don't receive payment for a three month period I will remove you from the lessons schedule and you will be banned from ever taking lessons from me again, since payment is due the first week of every month this time frame is really two months and a week and not a full three months
Jacob offers the first lesson absolutely free as a trial lesson, that way if you're unhappy you're not out of any money. If you're interested in starting lessons you can call/text me at 801 680-5513 or email me at
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